Web Services for advanced users

A range of cartographic web services offered by our partners are available. These services are based on the OGC standards: WMS (Web Map Service) for the data display and WFS (Web Feature Service) for the access to the data.

Geolocation services are also available. These services offer the advantage that external data can be used without having to keep them in your infrastructure. The services are automatically and instantly updated. They can be used by a client GIS or by integrating them into your applications.

UrbIS Services

The UrbIS data visualisation webservices :
- WMS : old UrbIS data model  : http://geoservices-urbis.irisnet.be/geoserver/Urbis/ows?Service=WMS&Request=GetCapabilities
- WMS : new UrbIS data model : http://geoservices-urbis.irisnet.be/geoserver/UrbisAdm/ows?Service=WMS&Request=GetCapabilities

The UrbIS data download webservices :
- WFS : old UrbIS data model  : http://geoservices-urbis.irisnet.be/geoserver/Urbis/ows?Service=WFS&Request=GetCapabilities
- WFS : new UrbIS data model : http://geoservices-urbis.irisnet.be/geoserver/UrbisAdm/ows?Service=WFS&Request=GetCapabilities

The geolocation service is described on the BRIC site, and can be found here

Brussels Environment Services

As the official producer of environmental data in the Brussels Capital Region, Brussels Environment provides access to its data and the corresponding cartography by means of web services. Among other data, you will find data pertaining to green spaces and biodiversity, the hydrographic network, the environmental monitoring (e.g. measuring station networks), regional initiatives or calls for projects (e.g.: sustainable districts, exemplary buildings).

The view webservice for INSPIRE data :
- WMS (FR, NL, EN) : https://wms.environnement.brussels/belb_inspire?

The view webservices for non-INSPIRE data :
- WMS (FR) : https://wms.environnement.brussels/be_wms?
- WMS (NL) : https://wms.environnement.brussels/lb_wms?

The download webservice for data :
- WFS : https://wfs.environnement.brussels/belb?

The download webservice for INSPIRE data :
- WFS : https://wfs.environnement.brussels/inspire_belb?

BruGIS Services

The BruGIS® service presents all recent urban development data available in the Brussels Capital Region for engine the use of the zones surrounding yours, the areas of archaeological potential, the classified sites, …

The webservices for non-INSPIRE data:

- WMS: https://gis.urban.brussels/geoserver/ows?service=wms&version=1.3.0&request=GetCapabilities

- WFS: https://gis.urban.brussels/geoserver/ows?service=wfs&version=1.1.0&request=GetCapabilities

The webservices for INSPIRE-data:

- WMS: https://gis.urban.brussels/geoserver/ps/ows?service=wms&version=1.3.0&request=getcapabilities

- WFS: https://gis.urban.brussels/geoserver/ps/ows?service=wfs&version=1.1.0&request=getcapabilities

Brussels Mobility Services

Bruxelles Mobilité oversees the definition of mobility strategies, projects to develop, renew and maintain public spaces and roads, as well as public transport infrastructure, taxis and property of the Region. Brussels Mobility offers, as official administrator, data with reference to mobility in the Region. By webservices, you get among other acces to data concerning the cycling infrastructure, the administration of public roads, the taxi and Collecto stops, …

The visualisation services :
- WMS : http://data-mobility.irisnet.be/inspire/capabilities/en/wms
- WFS : http://data-mobility.irisnet.be/inspire/en/ows?SERVICE=WfS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities

BISA Services

Les indicateurs du Monitoring des Quartiers en web services
Des web services cartographiques sont dorénavant disponibles sur le site du Monitoring des Quartiers.
Les web services sont un outil avancé offrant la possibilité aux utilisateurs expérimentés d'accéder de manière dynamique aux données du site par différents moyens comme un logiciel de cartographie ou un site web.Les web services sont publiés au format GeoJSON (RFC 7946).
- https://monitoringdesquartiers.brussels/

STIB-MIVB Services

The visualisation services :
- WMS : http://gis.irisnet.be/geoserver/stib_mivb/wms?request=getCapabilities&service=wms&language=eng