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Theme Subtheme Title Abstract
Environment Fauna & Flora Protected natural areas Areas of the Brussels Region who have a protected status in relation to the conservation of nature and biodiversity: Natura 2000 sites (European network following the "Habitats" directive), natural and forest reserves (after Brussels orders of designation), green areas of high biological value (according to the Regional Land Use Plan).
Environment Green Areas Brussels Overview Brussels
Environment Noise Monitoring stations sound levels Location of the different monitoring stations sound levels managed by Brussels Environment. Indication of the predominant sound source for each of these stations : air traffic (airport), road traffic (roads) or rail traffic (rail).
Environment Pollution Monitoring of pollution associated with Seveso site Location of Seveso sites and indication of the stations dedicated to air quality and water quality monitoring that control the quality of the environment in the surroundings of these sites and detect any pollution associated with these sites.
Environment Water River system The map shows the rivers, channel and ponds of the Brussels region. Indication if the streams are open-air or vaulted (pertuis) is also given.
Layers Photos & images orthophoto VUB orthofoto VUB
Layers Points of Interest Accessibility of registered monuments near the Brussels South Station
Mobility Cycle Bikemap Brussels This map combines the existing cycling infrastructure in the Brussels-Capital Region, the Villo-stations, the regional cycling network and the planned bike-RER.
Mobility Parking Park & Ride This map links the location of the public car parks with the locations of the stops from public transport and taxis.