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Theme Subtheme Title Abstract
Mobility Pedestrians Pedestrian map This map shows the different zones with speed limits (zone 30, residential area, pedestrian zone) and an indicator of the space reserved for pedestrians on streets in the Brussels districts.
Mobility Public Transport Public transport in Brussels Map combining different public transport operators in Brussels.
Mobility Road Transport Fix My Street map Overview of the complaints by Fix My Street. More info on
Mobility Traffic pedestrial maps This map links the zones where speed is limited (zone 30, residential area, pedestrian zone) in order to improve the comfort of vulnerable road users and an indicator of the space on the roads reserved for pedestrians.
Mobility Traffic map of zone 30, residential or pedestrian in the Brussels Region map of zone 30, residential or pedestrian in the Brussels Region
Society Tourism & Leisure Brussels grayscale map
Urban planning Housing Urban renovation The map shows the various areas within which the urban renovation policies are developed: l'"Espace de Développement Renforcé du Logement et de la Rénovation (EDRLR)", the district contracts.
MyMapData MyMapData
Environment Green Areas Green areas Green spaces accessible to the public, green trail and other walking routes (long-distance footpaths, local walks, Royal Park walks), and the network of leisure areas (playgrounds, sports fields).
Environment Water Remote measuring stations for waste water, surface water, retention basins and rainfall Locations of stations in the remote measurement network installed by the SBGE/BMWB for quantitative monitoring of rainfall and flows in collector drains, surface water and the largest retention basins.