Terms of use

The use of this portal is subject to compliance with the general terms described below. By accessing this portal, you declare having knowledge of and having accepted without reserve these general terms.


This portal is meant to centralise the access to the official geographic data of the Brussels Capital Region. To be specific, it enables you to:

  • Create or consult geographic maps
  • Search the thematic data available in the catalogue
  • Use the data in your GIS infrastructure through the WMS and WFS services

This portal must be used reasonably and must not be diverted from its purpose. You pledge to abstain from any imprudent or ill-intentioned use, which would affect the contents of this portal, you pledge not to make any unauthorised changes, nor to provoke malfunctions or the non-availability of the portal, and in general, you pledge not to contribute in any way to any incident that might cause damage to the portal or to third parties.

For instance, maps can only be shared with other users known by the user and informed of the sharing. Any improper use will be pursued.


We take great care in managing this portal. However, as this portal publishes data the editor does not manage, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information offered. Moreover, the information can be modified without prior notice. As a result, we decline any liability regarding the use that might be made of the contents of this portal. As it concerns information and documents that are subject to official publication, only the texts published in the Moniteur belge/Belgisch Staatsblad are deemed authentic. The hyperlinks on the portal leading the users to other websites do not make us liable for the contents of these sites.

The portal offers registered users an environment where they can store their contents, such as maps or data layers. The users pledge to only store contents for which they hold the rights. They also pledge that the contents to which they contribute do not contain contents prohibited by law and are not explicitly or indirectly linked to websites and/or applications with such contents, in particular:

  • inciting to hatred or issuing threats, harassments, rumours, terrors or encouraging and/or facilitating such behaviour directed at a third party;
  • conveying racist, immoral, violent, obscene, pornographic, paedophile contents or encouraging such behaviour;
  • encouraging or facilitating any illegal activity;
  • conveying slanderous, misleading, distorted or false information;
  • invading the privacy of a third party.

The site manager and the Brussels Capital Region cannot be held liable in any way for the contents hosted in the users’personal space. The responsibility for these contents lies fully with the authors thereof.

The portal manager reserves the right to remove or order the removal without notice of contents that do not respect these conditions or that could damage its publishing policy or its image. The manager also reserves the right to develop or abandon the content storing service. In that case, an e-mail will be sent to the address the internet user has registered when creating his/her account. The user can recover the contents that he/she wishes to preserve and that will no longer be hosted on the portal.


The texts, lay-out, illustrations and other constituent elements of the portal are the property of the Brussels Capital Region. Unless otherwise stipulated, the information on the portal can be used freely, on condition that the authorship of the information is clearly and precisely mentioned: its source (at the very least geo.brussels and either the various sources mentioned on the map or the name of the “manager” mentioned in the metadata catalogue) and the date of the last update. This authorship mention should not formalise the re-use of the information, nor suggest any recognition or guarantee by the authentic source or by any other public entity.

Users who upload data layers and share them with third parties on the portal must make sure that this information is in the public domain.


We authorise without request the creation of surface links to the portal’s home page or to any other page in its entirety. On the other hand, using techniques, such as framing or in-lining, aimed at integrating part of or the whole of this portal into an Internet site by dissimulating if only in part the exact origin of the information or by creating confusion as to the origin of the information requires written authorisation. Any such requests should be sent via the contact form (type of request : redaction).


The Belgian law dated 8 December 1992 implements privacy protection by regulating the processing of personal data. In accordance with this law, we inform you that the few personal data that you provide or that are collected during your visits to the site will be kept in the BRIC database, only for security or contact purposes, unless you object.

We guarantee the confidential treatment of all data. The law provides a right of access and correction. Should you wish to invoke these rights, please use the contact form (type of request : privacy).
More information about the automatic processing of personal data can be obtained from the Commission for the protection of privacy.


This portal is managed and hosted by the BRIC.